Inground Pool Filters

How to Choose an Inground Pool Filter

The biggest mistake made with inground pool filters is not which type you buy, or which brand – it’s buying a filter that is too small for your pool/

Manufacturer filter flow rate charts can be misleading, allowing shoppers to think that a smaller sized filter is adequate.

The best way to buy an inground pool filter is to buy according to your pool size, in gallons. The filter size chart above is based on real field experience, as a guide for filter selection. Round up your pool size in gallons, for example, if your pool has 25K gallons, use the 30K row of filter sizes. Installing a larger pool filter will reap big dividends in time, money, water and energy savings.

Aside from filter size, there are a few other factors that can help you decide on the best pool filter for your pool. If you are concerned about water savings, Cartridge filters save the most water, and DE filters can also use less than sand filters. If you are concerned about water quality issues, a DE filter is the most efficient filter type, trapping the smallest particles, followed by Cartridge filters, and then sand. If you want the simplest operation and maintenance, go with a sand filter, but if you want the fewest repairs, go with a cartridge filter. But remember, the most important thing is size, so first decide which type, Sand, DE or Cartridge – then buy the largest filter of that type that you can afford. You can thank me later. 

PoolCenter carries in ground pool filters from top manufacturers like Hayward, Jandy and Pentair - names you know and trust. Our selection of pool filters is so wide that it can be hard to find the one that mates perfectly to your pool system. For expert help selecting a new pool filter, please give us a call!