In-Ground Pumps

Use our Swimming Pool Pump comparison page to quickly compare pool pump cost and benefits. Inground pool pumps are meant to be self-priming. This means that they will lift your pool water vertically; they can be installed above the water level, and are also able to produce much higher flow rates than aboveground pool pumps, due to an engineered volute and impeller design that creates more flow and greater suction power.

Swimming pools offer a lot of entertainment and relaxation but only if they are clean and contamination free. Pool pumps are a very important part of swimming pool maintenance and work in collaboration with your filter to keep water clean and safe. Pool pumps are vital to your swimming pool’s circulation system and help keep water clean and clear so you can enjoy a safe and relaxing swim every time.

Pool Center carries pool pumps for in ground pools in a large variety from top manufacturers like Hayward, Pentair,Jandy, Jacuzzi, Sta-Rite, and Waterway. Our in ground pool pumps are efficient, resistant to harsh weather, and feature corrosion-free housing for years of dependable use. Check out our selection of in ground pool pumps, and pick the size and model that best meets the needs of your pool.

TIP! When replacing an existing pool pump, refer to the PERFORMANCE chart on each page to select a pump and horsepower (hp) that will deliver an equal flow rate (+/- 10%) to your existing pool pump. You can also refer to the DIMENSIONS chart on each page, if you would like to match the measurements of the pipes coming in and out of your existing pool pump for easier plumbing. For more info see our Pump page or call us at 877-POOLCTR!