Intermatic Timers

Intermatic Swimming Pool Pump Timers are the standard industry favorite for reliable control of pool pumps, outdoor lighting, pool heaters and more. You can control any outdoor (or indoor) electrical product with an Intermatic 24-hour time clock.

Intermatic offers both digital and mechanical timer controls for pool pumps, pool cleaner booster pumps and pool heaters. They are simple to operate and control, allowing you to set any number of on-off cycles per day, of any length you choose. 

Intermatic timers are available in single speed, and dual speed, and for pumps wired 110V and 220V, available with a Fireman’s Switch, to shut off the pool heater 20 minutes before the pump shuts off, to allow for a proper cool down period. 

Which Pool Time Clock Should I Buy?

110V or 220V? For pumps that are hard-wired to a switch or to a breaker, they are wired either 110V or 220V. Most aboveground pumps are 110V and most inground pumps are wired 220V, but not always. To determine your pump voltage, you can compare the printed wiring diagram on the motor, with the wiring in the back of the motor. Or, you can look at the pump breaker, single pole breakers (about ¾” thick) are usually wired with only one 110V power wire. Double pole breakers (about 1.5” thick) are usually wired with two 110V power wires, to provide 220V total to the pump. Finally, you can test the two power wires on the motor or timeclock, to determine if you have 110V or 220V running from the timeclock to the pump. 

Digital or Mechanical? Mechanical time clocks are the standard pool timer, with the iconic yellow time dial - digital timeclocks came about in the late 90’s. Intermatic PE153 digital timers have some advantages over mechanical timers. You can program up to 3 devices on one timer, and the Dual Voltage PE153 also accepts both 110V and 220V wiring, and works with both single-speed and two-speed pool pumps. It also has an optional freeze sensor to turn the pumps on at low temperatures, and a battery backup saves current time and programs during power outages.  With all those advantages, why do the T104 mechanical Intermatic timers still dominate the backyards of America? Perhaps because they are easier to understand, and may be more durable in the outdoors. 

Single Speed or Dual Speed? If your pool or spa pump has two speeds, you will have four wires coming into the pump, instead of the standard 3-wire hook-up. The fourth wire is the low-speed wire, and a special timeclock mechanism is used, Intermatic T106M. Dual speed pumps can also use the digital timer PE153, but cannot use the single speed T104 timer clocks.

Aboveground or Inground? As mentioned previously, most aboveground pool pumps are powered with 110V (aka 115V, 120V), and require a 110V time clock. The Intermatic 110V timer fits the bill perfectly for a hard-wired system using flexible or rigid wire conduit from timeclock to the pump. If your aboveground pool pump has a 3-prong grounded power cord attached, you can also make use of our economy 24-hour timer clock for aboveground pool and spa pumps, or outdoor lighting.