Mineral ions are extremely effective against algae, bacteria and viruses, and do not cause harmful side effects like red watery eyes, itch skin, green hair, and harsh odor. Use the Power Ionizer to clean, clarify, and sanitize your pool without harsh chemicals.

A swimming pool ionizer works by using copper and silver to kill algae, bacteria and other contaminants, and to sanitize your pool water. Swimming pool water usually contains negatively charged particles that cannot be filtered because of their extremely small size. A pool ionizer discharges silver and copper ions into the pool using very low voltage current to. These ions contain a negative charge and they bond with the bacteria and algae present in your pool to destroy their cell structure and thus eliminating them. This bonding process also makes these contaminants larger in size making it easier for your pool’s filtration system to remove them.

A pool ionizer is completely safe to use and does not alter your pool’s chemistry. Using a pool ionizer will help eliminate problems skin irritation or red eyes, and will clean your water without having to use any toxic chemicals.

A swimming pool ionizer also helps to reduce the need for adding residual chlorine to the water, although you can add a small amount to speed the cleaning process. It is recommended to add only 0.4 ppm of chlorine if the water is cloudy and/or above 90 degrees F. This low amount of chlorine makes cleaning faster and more effective, does not damage your pool equipment and plumbing, and keeps your water sparkling clean and contamination free.