Genuine Jandy pool heater parts, replacement spare parts to repair Jandy (Teledyne-Laars) pool heaters, including Laars Lite 2 heaters to the newer LXi, JXi, LRZ Legacy and Hot Shot heater models. Starting in 2002, all Teledyne Laars heaters were labeled and sold as Jandy pool and spa heaters. Find gas valves, pilots, thermostats and switches for your post-2002 Jandy pool heater here. See Teledyne Laars parts for earlier heater models.

Select your Jandy heater model below, to view schematic diagram and parts listing. Note that because pool heaters have so many parts, they are commonly split among 2 or 3 pages.

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Caution: When working with older gas pool heaters - poor combustion, gas leaks or improper venting of exhaust can create unsafe conditions. Pool heater owners are encouraged to have pool heaters inspected by a professional combustioneer, to verify safe operation.