Vinyl Liner Accessories

Vinyl pool liner accessories for new liner installation. Installing a vinyl liner requires attention to little details, like cleaning walls and fixing uneven pool floors. Vinyl liner replacements should also include new gaskets and faceplates for skimmers, drains and returns. For aboveground pools, pool cove and liner pad give a more finished appearance and protect your liner from rough surfaces. Overlap liners use coping strips to secure the liner to the wall, or you can install bead receivers, and install a beaded liner on an overlap style pool. See page bottom for more ways you can benefit from the many pool liner installation accessories at!

Swimming pool liner replacement has become a popular DIY project for pool owners. No longer do you have to shell out thousands of dollars for pool liner replacement – it’s a weekend project! Whether you are installing an aboveground pool liner or inground pool liner, PoolCenter has all the liner accessories and supplies you need to produce professional results!

COPING STRIPS: When installing a new overlap pool liner, plastic coping strips are 24” long clips that are used to secure the liner to the wall, holding it in place during and after filling. 

CYCLONE BLOWER/VAC: Use a Cyclone Vac to ‘set’ pool liners, or remove the air between the liner and the walls/floor, for a tight fit before and during filling. Also used to winterize pool plumbing.

LINER BEAD RECEIVER: Converts overlap style pools to use beaded pool liners, which are more stylish and easier to install. Hang the 4’ long bead receiver on your wall, and attach a beaded pool liner.

LINER LOCK: Use flexible wedge shaped Liner Lock to fill space between a beaded liner and the track, useful when the liner is just a tiny bit too large or too small, and won’t stay in the track.

LINER PAD: Rough floor surfaces can damage pool liners. Liner Pads are 1/8” thick woven textile that creates a smooth pool floor. Stops roots, nutgrass or rocks from puncturing your new liner.

POOL COVE: Aboveground pools often use a sand cove at the base of the wall, because it looks nice and feels nice, but also because it protects the liner from rusty wall rails. Foam Pool Cove comes in 4’ long sections to produce a perfect 45° transition from floor to wall, nice and even all the way around.

WALL FOAM: Rusty, Chalky and rough pool walls can be harsh on your new pool liner. Wall Foam is used to protect liners, while also giving the walls a soft touch, and providing a small amount of insulation. Wall foam comes in long rolls of perfect height and length, secured to walls with spray adhesive.

VERMICULITE: Buy pool vermiculite, aka pool base to patch cracks and level divots in your pool floor prior to installing a new liner. Replace a sand pool floor with Vermiculite for better performance.

VINYL PATCH: Traditional vinyl pool liner patch kits with patch material and glue, or see EZ Patch 28 or Anderson Leak Sealer for elastomeric sealants used to make vinyl repairs. 

In addition to these vinyl liner accessories and installation supplies, you may need some of the following tools, in addition to one or two good helpers, to replace a pool liner.

  • Razor Knife
  • Duct Tape
  • Philips Screwdriver #3 (large)
  • Cordless Power Drill (with #3 Philips bit)
  • Trowels (for sand or Vermiculite bottoms)
  • New faceplates and gaskets for Skimmers, Drains, Returns and inground pool lights
  • Cyclone Vac or large (5 hp) Wet/Dry Vac to set the liner, with 4’ suction hose

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