Nature 2 Purifiers

Transform your pool into a crystal clear sanctuary with Zodiac's line of revolutionary Nature2 pool products. Nature2 is a natural, mineral-based pool sanitizer that creates a soothing environment free of the chemical odors and irritants found in most chlorine pool treatments. In addition to keeping your pool sanitized and bacteria free, Nature2 dramatically improves the look, feel and smell of your pool water. Once you glide through the silky smooth water of a Nature2 pool, you will instantly feel the difference.Nature2 Cartridges eliminate 99.8% of pool water contaminants.

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Nature2 Mineral Cartridges
Replacement Nature2 Mineral Cartridges for Nature2 Mineral Purifiers.
Nature2 Express Complete
The Easiest To Install Nature2 Model Available! Works With Any Standard Inground Or Aboveground Pool

Nature2 is a sanitizing system that uses patented mineral-bed technology to provide crystal clear water and improved water quality. Working with the pool filtration system, Nature2 uses elemental minerals that combine with a small amount of chlorine to inhibit bacteria growth and eliminate contaminants. Minerals make the water noticeably softer, and less chlorine means a lower potential for red-eye, dry skin or foul odors. With Nature2, your swim experience is clean, fresh, and gently soothing. Nature2 is proven to destroy bacteria and control algae, so your pool water will be sparkling clean without having to add extra chemicals. Nature 2 is a natural supplement to chlorine, so it helps maximize chlorine investment, while reducing the annoying and harmful effects of harsh chemical use.Nature2 sanitizing systems are available for in ground pools, above ground pools, and spas. Make a clear choice and switch to Nature2 to see the power of minerals at work.