Pentair Filters

Pentair is one of the most trusted names in pool maintenance and can be said to have more collective experience in pool filter research and development than any pool supply manufacturer. Pentair pool filters offer reliability and superior performance combined with energy efficiency and affordability, and carries all of the top models. Set up and maintain your pool filter easily with one of our pool filter kits, and then kick back and soak in the summer sun knowing that Pentair’s got you covered when it comes to high-end water filtration.

Trust Pentair pool products when you’re shopping for a pool filter

Pentair makes cartridge, sand, and DE pool filters for above-ground and in-ground swimming pools. Their filters are made from high quality components, and users give consistently high reviews for durability and dependability. The Pentair cartridge filters sold at are made with a greater surface area consistency to trap more solids as they pass through the cartridge. They’re known for their “no-tool” service, which makes these filters easy to clean and repair when necessary. Chemically resistant tanks hold up well in severe weather conditions, and efficient water flow allows you to use smaller pumps, which in turn use less energy.

Pentair’s sand filters are constructed with fiberglass-reinforced tanks and have UV-resistant finish, making this filter type equally as durable in extreme weather conditions. In terms of efficiency, all Pentair sand filters have an internal design that keeps the sand bed completely level to ensure even filtration. The multiport top valve makes for easy operation, and accessible drains for sand and water make it easy to winterize these filters at the end of the summer season. Ease of use alone makes Pentair sand filters a great choice for novice pool owners.

DE pool filters by Pentair are made of fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene for optimum strength and reliability. Inside of the filter, a curved grid makes for a larger filter area, which equates to better overall performance and longer periods between cleaning. If you value cost effectiveness, Pentair DE filters are refined for less restrictive water flow, which lowers the pumping power needed to achieve proper filtration and in turn lowers utility cost. Whether you want a DE, sand, or cartridge pool filter, carries top Pentair models and accessories for your filter at affordable prices.