Pentair Pumps

Use our comparison page to quickly compare the costs and benefits. Come from a long lineage of manufacturers - American Products, Pac-Fab, Purex, and Sta-Rite. Pentair pool pumps offer exceptional energy efficiency from high flow and low pressure pool pumps for all types of swimming pool applications.

Pentair is one of the most trusted names in pool maintenance and can be said to have more collective experience in pool pump research and development than any pool pump manufacturer. Pentair pool pumps offer reliability and performance combined with energy efficiency and affordability. Made from high quality components, Pentair pool pumps will boost the effectiveness of your filter and you will enjoy crystal clear and debris free water.

At Pool Center we know how important and challenging pool maintenance is so we offer you the best in pool care with our top quality pool pumps like Pentair Challenger, Pentair Dynamo, Pentair SuperFlo, Pentair WhisperFlo, Pentair IntelliFlo VS-3050, Pentair IntelliFlo VS+SVRS, and Pentair IntelliFlo VF. Visit our Pool Store to find the pump that is perfect for your swimming pool.

TIP! When replacing an existing pool pump, refer to the PERFORMANCE chart on each page to select a pump and horsepower (hp) that will deliver an equal flow rate (+/- 10%) to your existing pool pump. You can also refer to the DIMENSIONS chart on each page, if you would like to match the measurements of the pipes coming in and out of your existing pool pump for easier plumbing. For more info see our Pump page or call us at 877-POOLCTR!