Plaster Repair

We carry excellent products to help you repair your pool plastic and make it look "like new" without spending too much money and effort. Choose from our selection of Pool Plaster Repair Kit, Quartz Plaster Repair Kit, Pebbletec Pool Repair Kit, Rebar Rust Plaster Repair Kit, and White Pool Plaster Repair Kit for the ultimate in pool plaster repair.

Several years of use, harsh weather, UV rays, and sun all have an effect on your pool’s plaster and it starts to show signs of wear and tear. Repairing pool plaster is not as difficult as it may sound and with the right kind of products, you can actually do it yourself and too without putting in too much effort. Our superior quality pool plaster repair products will help repair cracks and chips and will bring back your pool’s good looks.

In order for you to repair your pool plaster, you will need a hammer, chisel, acid for rinsing, and pool patch. Simply identify the areas in your pool that need to be repaired, acid rinse the area, wet the surface and apply pool patch preferably with a trowel. Wait for about 15 minutes and reapply the pool patch making sure it is smooth and there are no air bubbles. That’s all-you are done and ready to start filling your beautiful pool. And if this seems to complicated, watch our tutorial videos for step-by-step guide to pool plaster repair.