Pool Plugs

Swimming pool plugs come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and are used for many different purposes around the pool and for the pool equipment. At pool center, you will find all kinds of pool plugs you will ever need- we carry Winterizing Plugs including Gizmos, Filter Plugs, Pump Plugs, Heater Plugs, and Test Plugs.

Pool plugs are a perfect winterizing accessory when you want to protect your costly equipment from damage especially when the weather turns harsh and your pool is not in use. Swimming pool plugs are used for many different purposes around the pool and help protect your pool equipment from damage. Winterizing Plugs:

These are the most common type of pool plugs and are also known as freeze plugs or expansion plugs. Winterizing plugs are basically tapered rubber plugs with two stainless steel washers and a bolt passing through the center, and can be used to plug the pool pipes after draining or blowing them out to protect them from freeze damage. Used as pipe plugs, to plug skimmers, returns, cleaner lines - to prevent water from entering the pipes during winter, expansion plugs have other uses too, such as pressure testing pool lines or other methods of leak detection, or stopping water flow from the pool when equipment repairs are made.

Gizzmos are another type of winterizing plugs used to plug to keep water out and to absorb ice expansion inside the skimmer. The gizzmo breaks up the ice pack in the skimmer and collapses inward to absorb the strong force of expanding ice.

Filter Plugs:

Filter Plugs are basically used to drain water from a filter, and different manufacturers use different plugs on their pool filters. Pump Plugs: Pool pumps usually have two drain plugs, one in the front, at the base of the hair & lint strainer or pump pot, and another plug further back towards the motor, to drain the volute, or impeller housing.

Heater Plugs:

Pool heater plugs are found on both sides of the heat exchanger, or on the front header. Cast iron headers or bronze headers use a 1/4in. brass plug or butterfly valve plug, whereas the modern thermoplastic headers use a plastic plug, usually with an o-ring. Brass plugs should be lubed with green lube, like Aqua-Lube, to keep the rust from building up on the threads of the cast iron headers.

Test Plugs:

Test plugs are used primarily for pressure testing plumbing, and look similar to winterizing plugs, except that they are not tapered, the sides are straight, and they have oversized wing nuts to allow for strong tightening.