Pool Algaecides

PoolCenter carries a wide variety of polymer, quaternary and mineral pool algaecides. We also carry a class of pool algaecides known as chlorine accelerators (Green to Clean and Yellow Out), which are very effective pool algae removal treatments. Winterized pools can control algae for long periods in a single dose with 60 Plus or our winter algaecide.

Algae spores are constantly entering the pool, and when conditions are right, an algae bloom can occur in a matter of hours. Unbalanced water, warm temperatures, sunlight, the presence of nitrates and phosphates, low sanitizer levels and a lack of circulation and filtration can all accelerate algae growth. Once an algae bloom occurs, it becomes easier for future algae to grow in the pool. It’s best to take preventative measures with an algaecide to constantly control the algae spores in your pool. Whether it’s green algae, yellow algae, black algae or pink algae, PoolCenter.com has the algae control products you’re looking for.