Pool And Spa Chemicals

POOLCENTER.com pool chemicals give you the most bang for your buck! Unlike cheap look-alike's, our quality pool chemicals will not stain your pool, cause clouding water, or foaming. And you should know: POOLCENTER.com pool chemicals are always cost effective and available seven days a week. 

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Chlorine & Bromine
Pool Chlorine Tablets, Brominating Tablets, Granular Pool Chlorine and Skimmer Sticks
Natural Chemistry
Natural Chemistry provides natural alternative chemicals that are safe for humans and animals alike.
Water Balancers
Pool Stabilizer & Conditioner, Alkalinity Increaser & Decreaser, pH Up, pH Down, Calcium Hardness
Shock Treatments
Pool Shock, Super Pool Shock, Chlorine-Free Shock, & Dichlor Shock to oxidize and clarify water.
Pool Algaecides
Algaecide, Super Algaecide, Algaecide 50, Algaecide 60 Plus, Black Algaecide, Algae Killer
Specialty Chemicals
Stain Away, Stain Remover, Pool Clarifiers, Sand Filter Cleaner and Tile & Vinyl Cleaner
Spa Chemicals
Spa Test Strips, Spa Water Balancers, Hot Tub Chlorine, Spa pH or Spa Shock and Hot Tub Care Kit
Start Up & Closing Kits
Spring Pool Chemical Kits, Pool Start-Up Chemicals, or Pool Closing Kits and Winterizing Kits
United Chemical Corp
Swamp Treat, No Mor Problems Algaecide, No Mor Muriatic Acid, an Easy pH for pools
Jack's Magic Products
Jack's Magic pool products, like the Step Stuff, the Pink Stuff, the Blue Stuff and Jack's Magic Stain ID Kit
Chlor-free Chemicals
Aqua Silk is a chlorine-free biguanide treatment system for complete pool care.

POOLCENTER's premium swimming pool chlorine sticks and tablets feature U. V. protection and quality binders that keeps our chlorine tablets together, while others crumble. It's the best discount pool chemicals you can buy! Compare our pool chlorine, algaecides and specialty pool chemicals to brands like Pace, Sun and BioGuard. Many pool chemicals can only be shipped inside of the 48 states. No Alaska / Hawaii shipments.