Pool Center Solar Heater

An excellent and economical way to extend your swimming season. These solar pool heating systems use your pool pump to circulate water though a system of small tubes, arrange in broad flat sheets, that absorb heat energy from the sun and circulate the heated water back into your pool. Using our solar system you can increase the temperature of your pool up to 15 degrees! All panels include the hardware needed to mount on roofs, racks or the ground. Extra panels can be added as needed and when used in conjunction with a solar blanket you'll have the ultimate heating system - absolutely free!

Our Solar Heating Systems have been designed for in-ground or above ground pools and are available with 4x10 ft. or 4x20 ft. panels. Engineered from lightweight, durable black thermoplastic, our Solar Heating Systems feature state-of-the-art tube construction that creates a larger surface area to optimize heat transfer of the sun's energy to your pool. Pool Center Solar Heaters:

• For aboveground and in ground pools• Increase the temperature of your pool water by up to 15°

• Dramatically reduce or eliminate pool heating costs• Choose a 4' x 10' or 4' x 20' Solar Heating System

• 4' x 10' Systems include two 2' x 10' Panels; 4' x 20' Systems include two 2' x 20' Panels

• Systems include everything you need!• Panels connect easily; additional Panels can be added at any time• Smaller tubes for maximum heat transfer

• Systems can be mounted on a roof, rack, or on the ground (determined by factors such as direct - sunlight, proper off-season drainage, etc. )

• Constructed of a lightweight, durable black polyolefin

• Safe, lightweight and easy to winterize• Easy to install, built to last

• Team with a Solar Blanket for maximum heat retention when the pool's not in use!

• Includes a 5-Year WarrantyHow does a solar pool heater work?

1. The pump pulls the filtered water from the swimming pool or spa and pushes it through the filter.

2. The water travels from the pool filter to a 3 way flow control valve. The valve regulates how much water goes to the collector panels.

3. Water passes through the solar panels where it absorbs heat from the sun.

4. The warmed water recirculates into the pool.It's important that your 3 way valve doesn't let too much water into the solar panel - the slower the water moves through the system, the warmer the water gets!