Pool Chlorinators

Pool chlorinators come in many types, but they all do the same thing - provide a way to safely add metered amounts of chlorine to the pool constantly, to maintain a consistent chlorine level. In our pool chlorinator section, we have saltwater chlorine generators, automatic tablet feeders and chlorine tablet floaters, chlorine and mineral systems and liquid chemical pumps. 

CMP Power Clean Ultra chlorinators with clear lid, flow meter and 2” PVC unions
Hayward Automatic Chlorinators for inground and above ground pools, install in-line or off-line
Rainbow Feeders in regular, large and very large sizes, need only 4” of Pipe for in-line install
Patented Sani-King Perform-Max feeders with large cover and dial knob for aboveground pools
Easy to install and convenient to use, Swimline's affordable chlorinators make sanitizing simple.
In ground pool mineral purifying systems, replacement mineral pacs and test strips
Above ground pool mineral purifying systems, replacement mineral pacs and test strips
Floating chlorinators dispense sanitizer into the water and can add a fun, decorative touch
Naturally eliminate algae and contaminants to dramatically reduce bromine or chlorine usage

Pool chemicals are a very important part of pool maintenance, and managing your chlorine level closely is key to sanitizing water and killing bacteria. You could hand-feed chlorine, adding liquid or granular chlorine twice per day, but this creates peaks and valleys in chlorination and is certainly not convenient. 

Pool chlorinators take care of this problem, and reduce the amount of time spent on swimming pool maintenance. Pool chlorinators do the work for you by automatically dispensing chlorine or bromine, day and night, so that your pool water is always sanitary and disinfected.  

Automatic pool chlorinators use either chlorine tablets or sticks to sanitize your water and slowly disperse them into your pool so your water is always sparkling clean and bacteria free. Automatic feeders allow you to set the rate at which the chlorine dissolves, regulating the amount of chlorine added to your pool. Just fill up the chlorinator canister with tablets and set the dial to erode the tablets slowly into the pool.