Pool Closing

Find everything you need to winterize your pool at PoolCenter.com! Winter pool covers, pool safety covers, pool cover pumps, threaded pool plugs, expansion plugs, skimmer guards, air pillows, water bags, and don't forget the pool closing kit - all of our pool winterizing kits come complete with all the winter pool chemicals you need. All these and MORE pool closing supplies are just a click away!

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Winter Pool Covers
Winter pool covers to fit both your pool and your budget! Sturdy Solid Covers for In-ground and Above Ground Pools.
Pool Safety Covers
Safety Pool Covers for Inground Pools in 30 Stock Sizes, Ready to Ship. GLI, HPI and Meyco Pool Covers.
Leaf Nets
Above ground Leaf Nets, In Ground Leaf Nets
Solid A/G Pool Cover Accessories
Cover pumps, cables, air pillows and more to help you properly install and maintain your cover
Solid I/G Pool Cover Accessories
Cover pumps, water bags, patches and more to help you properly install and maintain your cover
Safety Cover Accessories
Huge Selection of Safety Cover Tools, Hardware and Parts for Meyco, GLI and Loop-Loc Pool Safety Covers
Winter Chemical Kits
Prevent staining and growth of algae during the winter with these winterizing chemicals
Expansion Plugs / Gizzmos
Protect pool equipment from ice damage with our selection of expansion plugs and skimmer guards