Pool Eyeball Fittings

Eyeball fittings come in a variety of forms and sizes, and can be used in a pool or spa help maintain steady water pressure, and help lower energy and chemical costs. Choose from a huge selection of eyeball fittings that we offer in our Pool Store, and start enjoying a healthier, cleaner pool and lower heating costs.

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Directional Eyeball Fittings
Pool Wall Return Eyeball Fittings, in threaded and non-threaded styles, in a variety of sizes and colors. 

Eyeball fittings are used to direct the flow of water in a swimming pool and consist of spherical exteriors so they can be turned to different angles within a spherical seat in which they are held by a retainer ring. Water flows through their hollow interiors and returns to the pool through a discharge opening that directs the water in a desired flow pattern within the pool. One of the most common causes for cloudy water in a pool is the misplacement of the return inlet eyeball fitting that sends the filtered water back into the pool. Multi-speed pumps could also contribute to the problem of inaccurate water flow thus affecting your filter’s performance. The eyeball fitting helps you overcome that problem by maintaining a steady water flow and letting your filter work efficiently.If the eyeball is not pointing in the right direction, the water on top of the pool will keep circulating but water at the bottom will not be moving, resulting in irregular temperature and cloudy water. Pointing the eyeball in the right direction is the key to maintaining a steady water flow and regular water temperature. Eyeball fittings also help your filter work more efficiently and help reduce the use of pool heater by dispersing heat thoroughly in your pool, saving you money on chemical and heating costs.