Pool Heat Pumps

Choose from a big variety of energy-efficient heat pumps that we carry and enjoy a longer and more comfortable swim season. Our heat pumps pull air from your pool's surroundings, heat that air, and use it to make your pool water warm. Pool pumps cost much less to operate than a gas or oil heater and last longer. By installing a pool heat pump, not only will you enjoy an extended swim season, you will save money on utility and operational costs.Heat your pool with our energy-efficient, eco-friendly, high performance pool heat pumps, and save up to 80% in energy costs.

Pool heat pumps work by pulling nature’s free heat from the surrounding air of your swimming pool and transfer it to your pool water. Pool heat pumps are economical and energy-efficient because they do not use electricity to create heat but use it only to transfer the heat. Pool heat Pumps are the most efficient, trouble free way to heat your pool and are significantly less expensive than gas or oil, saving you as much as 80% on pool heating costs.

Pool heat pumps work in the same principle as refrigerators; they use outdoor air and compress it, then they heat that air and circulate your pool water through the heater to warm your pool water. Pool heat pumps work more efficiently as long as the outside temperature remains within the 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit range, because the cooler the outside air they draw in, the more energy they use.

Heat pump pool heaters cost more than gas pool heaters, but they have much lower operating costs because of energy-efficient performance and durability. With proper installation and maintenance, pool heat pumps can last for approximately ten years, providing highly effective and efficient heating that's easy on your wallet and the environment.