Pool Noodles

Bright, colorful, and versatile, pool noodles are the best pool toy and will offer hours of entertainment. Our Noodles are strong and sturdy, and can be used to ride on, sit on, or climb on. Twist them, bend them, or use them for floating-the possibilities are endless and fun is non-stop!

Pool noodles are the bestselling pool toy for several reasons-they are inexpensive, loads of fun, lightweight, and offer various uses. Pool noodles can be used as floating aids or your kids can slim on them, sit on them, even jump on them and never get bored in the pool. In this way pool noodles are extremely versatile and provide non-stop entertainment to kids and adults alike. Imagine floating in your pool using a bright, colorful pool noodle or bend them into fun shapes to amuse young swimmers-with noodles you can go as far as your creativity allows.

Pool noodles are either made of lightweight foam or vinyl and may have a hollow or solid core. Pool Center noodles are made of high quality material and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Choose from our Neo Noodles, Wacky Pool Noodle, or Big Boss Monster Pool Noodle for monster fun. We also carry Super Duper Dipper that allows you to float around or lounge on comfortably, and with our Wacky Noodle Seat you can turn your noodles into pool chairs. And while, you are shopping in our pool store for noodles, you may want to pick a Pool Pouch Organizer for easy storage of your noodles and other pool accessories, or our The Noodle Rack Pool Noodle Holder that lets you neatly organize up to 4 regular size pool noodles.