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Welcome to the Largest Pool Toy Store on the Internet! Huge inventory of pool games, pool toys, pool noodles and pool floats in stock for immediate shipment. We are proud to represent over 30 swimming pool toy makers. Make your pool time more entertaining and relaxing with our pool toys that are available for all ages, styles, and budget.

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Fun Ride-On Animals, Inflatable Pool Toys, Multi-Person Islands, Pizza Slice, and more!
Kids Play Toys & Games
Games Kids Love to Play in the Pool, like Diving Sticks, Volleyball or Treasure Hunts
Foam Pool Floats & Lounges
Super Soft Floats and Durable Foam Lounges for your Pool, Designed For Years Of Use
Pool Party Supplies
Floating Coolers, Fountains and Water Dye. Everything to Make Your Pool Party a Hit!
Swimway Spring Floats
Spring Float Recliners, Kids Spring Floats And Baby Spring Floats From Swimways
Floating Lounges
Floating Lounge Chairs Designed for Adults - The Ultimate in Pool Float Comfort
Infant and Toddler
Designed To Keep Baby Upright And Stable, With Overhead Protection From The Sun
Pool Noodles
Original Wacky Noodles, Noodle Chairs, Rafts, And Noodle Loungers
Pool Sports Games
Pool Volleyball And Badminton, Floating Basketball Games And Water Polo
Beach & Pool Balls
Light Up, Polka Dot Or The Original Multicolored Beach Ball
Swim Aids
Swim Vests, Floaters & Water Wings - Swim Aids For Infants And Toddlers
Inflatable Pool Slides
Inflatable Swimming Pool Slides, Water Park & Super Slope Slide
Masks And Fins
Swim Masks & Swim Snorkels, Goggles & Flippers
Air Pumps For Inflatables
Electric Air Pumps, Hand or Foot Pumps For Inflatables
Aqua Golf Games
Take Shots From The Deck Or Patio To The Pool, With A Floating Green And Golf Set
Kiddie Pools
Kids Wading Pools And Inflatable Play Centers
Pool Fitness - Swim Aids
Foam Exercise Belts - A Great Way To Get A Work Out In The Pool.
River and Lake Recreation
Beyond the pool to the wild, these durable floats and tubes are built for the great outdoors.
Play Sand
Crayola Color Play Sand in 4 Colors for Sand Boxes, Sand Art, or Underwater Use.

Your swimming pool is your paradise in your own backyard and you love to spend endless hours swimming in your pool on hot, summer days. However, sometimes swimming can become monotonous and you need to add a little variety to your aquatic activity-and that’s where the pool toys come in. Pool toys double the fun and entertainment you have swimming in your pool, and are ideal for individual use or for family gatherings and pool parties. Pool toys and accessories are available in a huge variety, and there is something for every taste, style, and budget.

Swimming pool toys is a broad category that includes Inflatables, pool noodles & chairs, Pool sports games, diving games, masks and fins, and kiddie Pools. We also offer swim aids and fitness accessories so you can enjoy a little aquatic workout in your own backyard. With so many great options available, you will definitely find pool toys that are fun and entertaining for adults and children alike.