Pressure Cleaners

Pressure pool cleaners operate by the pressure of your pool return (Polaris 65/165 and 360), or from the power of a booster pump (Polaris 380/3900 and Letro). The water pressure entering the cleaner powers the drive train, the venturi jets and the sweep tail. Pressure cleaners are loved by millions for their power, speed and cleaning ability, although the price to retrofit a booster pump cleaner is often prohibitive. 

Pressure pool cleaners, also known as Booster pump cleaners, are powered by a separate booster pump that sits by your pool pump. This makes this class of pool cleaners fully automatic, because the booster pump runs on a timeclock, turning the cleaner on and off at specified times. Other cleaners will run whenever the filter pump is running, increasing wear and tear on the pool cleaner parts. Other cleaners recommend that you remove them from the pool after each cycle.

Pressure-side automatic pool cleaners are powered by water pressure and feature internal vacuum bags. These cleaners attach to the pressure side (return) of your pool's circulation system, have their own hydraulic power plant, and are propelled by the water that is pumped or "pushed" back to the pool.

Being on the pressure side has distinct advantages. They distribute filtered water around the pool and having their own debris bag means that they don't clog-up the filter system, and also operate completely independently from the filter system. Even with a dirty pool filter or jammed pump basket, a pressure cleaner still operates.

PoolCenter carries top brands like Polaris, Hayward, and Kreepy Krauly so you can find the best of choices in pressure-side cleaning, and enjoy a clean pool without any hassle. For more information on these truly automatic pool cleaners, see our Pool Info: Pressure-Side Pool Cleaners page.