Sand Pool Filters

Sand pool filters are one of the simplest types of filters to use and maintain. A sand filter is the perfect choice for any pool owner seeking value, simplicity and durability. 

Sand filters are the least expensive and most commonly used type of pool filter. Filter sand is inexpensive and sustainable, and the grains of sand trap dirt and debris as small as 20 microns in size, resulting in clean and clear pool water. To clean a sand filter, you simply turn the handle on the multiport valve to the backwash position, and run the pump for 2-3 minutes, to clean and restore the filter.

Top-Mount or Side Mount Sand Filters? Sand filters cost less to buy with top mounted valves, however side mount valves allow simpler plumbing closer to the ground, and leaves the top open for easier sand inspection and sand replacement. If you’re looking for minimal upkeep and superior reliability, a sand pool filter is a solid choice. carries a wide selection of sand filters from Hayward, Pentair and Intex.