Sand Pool Filters

Sand filters are one of the simplest filter types to use. Filter sand only needs replaced every 5-7 years, and backwashing is quick and easy. A sand filter is the perfect choice for a pool owner seeking value, simplicity and durability.

Sand filters are the least expensive and most commonly used type of pool filter. Filter sand is inexpensive, and it only needs to be changed or replaced every 5-7 years on average. Sand filters work when water from the pool travels through a thick layer of sand within the filter. As water passes through, the grains of sand trap dirt and other small debris as small as 20 microns in size. Clean, purified water is then returned to the pool. When using a sand filter for your pool, make sure the chemicals you use are sand-friendly. Biguanide treatments, for example, can “gum up” filter sand, requiring you to clean the filter annually.

If you’re looking for minimal upkeep and superior reliability, a sand filter is a solid choice. carries a wide selection of sand filters from top brands like Hayward, Pentair and Intex, and our Pool Information Center can guide you through everything including setup and maintenance.