Sealant & Lubricants

Keep your pool equipment lubricated and your plumbing leak free with our selection of Magic Lube, Teflon Tape, Pool Putty, PVC Glue, and Silicone.

Sealants and lubricants are vital in preventing leaks and keeping your equipment safe from corrosion. Pool Center carries a very large variety of sealants and lubricants to help repair cracks and joints, and to seal drains and return lines to protect them from freeze damage. Use jack’s Formula r or Magic Lube to lubricate o-rings and gaskets and prolong the life of your pool equipment. Our EZ Patch 22 Silicone Sealant is excellent for repairing ceramic tile and grout and also works on fiberglass, wood, fiber optics, and ABS glass. We also carry pool putty to help fill and repair cracks in plaster, concrete, fiberglass, and PVC; and can also be used to fix leaks in skimmers, main drains, and other fittings.