Showers & Towel Racks

Poolcenter offers showers and towel racks to make your pool time convenient and comfortable. They can be placed at pool side to make it easier to access your towels or other swim acessories without having to step out of the pool. Poolside showers are very useful in letting swimmers rinse themselves before or after swimming without having to run indoors.

Nothing makes pool time more enjoyable than being able to place your swim accessories within an arm’s reach and being able to reach them without having to step out of the pool. Our towel racks are perfect for hanging towels and robes and keeping them alongside the pool so you can easily grab them whenever you want, or for allowing them to air dry after use.

Pool side portable showers and cabanas come in handy for a quick rinse before or after a swim especially when you have multiple swimmers. Ideal for parties and get togethers, our pool side showers and cabanas provide the convenience and privacy you need, and will prevent your guests from running in and out of the house by offering them the opportunity to rinse right by the pool side. Our versatile pool side showers can also be used for camping, dog washes, or cooling off on warm summer days. The portable showers and cabanas are very simple to use and can be easily hooked up to an ordinary garden hose for water supply. The pool side showers and cabanas are portable and can be taken along while travelling or visiting a beach.