Pool skimmers are vital in protecting your water against dirty water and for removing debris from your pool. Pool skimmers trap floating garbage before it sinks to the bottom of your pool keeping it clean, and also enhance the efficiency of your filter. Pool Center offers skimmers for both above ground and in ground swimming pools as well as skimmer replacement parts and accessories.

One of the main functions of pool skimmers is to remove floating debris from your pool before it sinks or reaches your filter. Pool Skimmers keep your water clean and also help improve your filter’s performance. Pool skimmers are installed near the surface of your pool and include a basket, a lid, and an open channel through which water flows. Pool skimmers are equally vital for both in ground and above ground pools although they perform the same function, they are installed differently. Above-ground pool skimmers feature a faceplate and are installed in the wall of the pool; whereas In-ground pool skimmers are drilled into the concrete of your pool making them stronger and long lasting.

Pool skimmers feature a very simple operation- water passes through the skimmer where debris gets collected in skimmer baskets and the clean water returns to the pool. Poo skimmer baskets need to be emptied periodically to prevent debris from blocking water from passing through the skimmer, and maintaining a clean pool.