Pool skimmers are vital in protecting your water against dirty water and for removing debris from your pool. Pool skimmers trap floating garbage before it sinks to the bottom of your pool keeping it clean, and also enhance the efficiency of your filter. Pool Center offers skimmers for both above ground and in ground swimming pools as well as skimmer replacement parts and accessories.

One of the main functions of pool skimmers is to remove floating debris from your pool before it sinks or reaches your filter. Replacemetn pool Skimmers keep your pool clean and prevent clogging of the pump basket. Above-ground pool skimmers are screwed to the wall of the pool; whereas In-ground pool skimmers are set in concrete, and parged up against the pool wall.

Pool Skimmer Nets are another important type of skimmer to keep the surface clean. Flat skim nets are useful for small leaf debris, use a pool Leaf Rake for cleaning larger leaf volumes, or for scooping leaves and debris from the pool floor.