Solar Controllers

Use a Solar Controller to control your pool equipment with a touch of a button. Eliminate the need to manually turn your pool pump off and on; simply program the Solar Controller to do the job for you-AUTOMATICALLY. The solar controller switches the pump on when the solar panel is hotter than the water in the heat exchanger and off when the panel is cooler so you do not have to run your pump all the time. We carry top-of-the line Solar Controllers that not only control your pool equipment but can also control your pool lights and automatic pool cleaners.

A solar controller controls the circulating pump in a solar hot water system to generate heat from the solar panels and protects the system from overheating. Simply put, a solar controller turns the circulating pump on when there is heat available in the panels, moving the working fluid through the panels to the heat exchanger from where it is used to heat your water. A solar controller protects the system from overheating by turning the pump off when the exchanger reaches its maximum temperature and cooling it by turning the pump on when the exchanger is hotter than the panels. Basic residential solar controller circuit uses a comparator with two temperature inputs, one at the solar panel and one at the thermal store's heat exchanger, and an output to control the pump. Commercial solar controllers are a little more detailed and use microprocessors with LCD displays. The solar controller switches the pump on when the solar panel is hotter than the water in the heat exchanger which transfers the heat in the panel to your pool; and off when the panel is cooler which prevents a reversal of the process and loss of heat. The controller measures and compares the temperatures in the panel and the heat exchanger every few seconds so you will always enjoy warm, comfortable water. Solar Controllers are programmable and can control several devices at a time. Solar Controllers use power from a mains electric supply in order to operate and offer features like automatic heating, automatic cooling, single setting for desired temperature, terminal strip connections, LED indicators, and freeze protection.