Solar Covers And Reels

Solar blankets or solar covers can add up to 15° F when placed over a sunny pool, but more importantly – they stop pool water evaporation and heat loss – by up to 95%! Prevent pool evaporation and wasteful heat loss with a floating solar blanket, solar rings, solar squares or liquid solar blanket. Large solar covers are much more manageable when used with a solar reel, available for inground and aboveground pools, in all sizes.

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Inground Solar Cover Reels
Powered Solar Reels or hand crank style reels for Inground Solar Pool Covers
Above Ground Solar Cover Reels
Solar Cover Reels to easily remove and store Above Ground Pool Solar Blankets
Solar Blankets
Above Ground and Inground pool floating Solar Covers, Round, Oval or Rectangle shapes, in all sizes
Liquid Solar Blankets
Forms an Invisible layer on the water surface to retain heat, a popular alternative to bulky solar pool covers
Solar Rings & Squares
Easier to manage than Blankets, Solar Rings and Squares are more durable, stack neatly, no reel required
Deck Equipment Parts
Poolside Equipment; Pool Slide & Dive Parts, Pool Ladder & Hand Rail Parts, and Solar Cover Reel Parts

Swimming pools that are covered when not in use return many advantages. Solar covers not only capture heat from the sun, but also retain heat overnight and during cloudy days. Furthermore, solar blankets can reduce evaporative water loss by up to 95%, so important in drought stricken areas. And although not a safety cover, solar covers can discourage unauthorized pool use, and they also assist in keeping your pool clean. Solar covers are made from LDPE #4 plastic, and can be recycled when they reach the end of their useful life.