Solar Heaters

Solar pool heating is the most efficient, least expensive way to heat your swimming pool. After all, solar heat is free! offers top notch Solar heating products at nearly half the cost. We've been providing Solar pool heating systems for many years.

A solar pool heater works by trapping the sun's energy and uses that energy to heat your swimming pool! Solar Pool Heaters are environmentally friendly, require little maintenance and are totally free to use. After the initial installation, solar pool water heaters are virtually free to operate making them an affordable and environmentally conscious choice. By using a solar heater, not only are you saving money on your pool’s heating costs, you are also saving the environment.

Solar pool heaters harness the energy from the sun and store it in their solar collectors. Using the pool pump, water is automatically pumped through these solar collectors where it is heated as it moves. The heated water is then returned back to the pool through the return lines and the collected heat is dispersed throughout the whole pool.

Solar pool heaters are economical, low maintenance, durable and last for several years. Pool Center realizes the importance of saving money and energy so we have a large inventory of solar heaters in our pool store to help you pick the one that best suits you. Our Do It Yourself Solar Pool Heaters from Enersol and Smartpool, Fafco and Solar Arc are easy to ship and easy to install. Our inventory has nearly doubled, and we've lowered prices. For more information on Solar Pool Heating, and purchasing the right system for you, click on one of the links below, or give us a phone call if you want to "talk solar"!