Spa Accessories

Hot Tubs and Spas are wonderful, but they can't do the whole job by themselves. You need a spa cover and cover lifter first of all, and some spa steps to safely get in and out of the tub. We also carry spa cleaning tools and common spa parts, along with other useful accessory conveniences.

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Spa Chemicals
Spa Test Strips, Spa Water Balancers, Hot Tub Chlorine, Spa pH or Spa Shock and Hot Tub Care Kit
Spa Steps
Access steps for your spa or hot tub. Redwood Spa Steps are durable and beautiful
Floating Spa Covers
Floating solar blankets for your spa or hot tub trap heat from the sun to raise water temperature.
Spa Cleaning Tools
Keep your spa sparkling with this selection of vacuums, brushes, cartridge cleaners and more
Common Spa Parts
Search for replacement spa parts here - air blowers, jets, unions and more
Add safety features or an ambience to the spa with these accessories
Spa Cover Lifts
Hot Tub Cover Lifters by Covermate and Cover Shelves by Cover Caddy
Color Splash LED Bulbs
L.E.D. bulbs for spas last longer and burn brighter than standard replacements
Spa Chemical Feeders
Floating Hot Tub Chemical Dispensers and Mineral Santizers.
Spa Covers
Protect your spa or hot tub from the elements and prevent debris from polluting the water with an affordable soft cover or cover cap.