Spa Chemicals has your spa and hot tub chemicals in stock and ready to ship, at lower prices than ever! Top quality chemicals for your spa are just a click away! We now list MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) and an image of the product label to help you make informed choices in purchasing chemicals for your spa or hot tub.  ADD: Spa and Hot Tub chemicals are specially formulated to work in high temperatures and over a broad pH range, with labeling instructions and dosage information for small hot tubs and spas. 

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Spa Test Strips
Collect reliable results with these spa water chemical tests from Leisure Time and AquaChek
Spa Sanitizers
Reduce the need for bromine/chlorine by using these sanitizers for the spa water
Spa Balancers
Maintain your spa water with chemicals that keep the water balanced
Spa Specialty
Specialty chemicals to ensure a clean and safe environment for your spa water