Suction Cleaners

Suction pool cleaners are the simplest type of cleaner to use in a pool, and often typically the most inexpensive as well. They are powered by the vacuum pressure or suction created by your pool filter pump. Connect the hose into the skimmer or vacuum cleaner line, and these pool cleaners begin to move randomly (slowly) around the pool, vacuuming dirt and debris into the pump basket. In-line Leaf Traps hold leaves and debris to keep your pump running smoothly.

Note that for best results, a 1hp or larger pool filter pump is recommended for full power of suction type pool cleaners. For aboveground pools cleaners, a consistent flow rate of 50-60 GPM is optimum and for in-ground suction cleaners, pumps that produce 70-80 GPM will provide the best speed and performance. Restricting other suction lines (by closing other skimmer or main drain valves) is often necessary to provide enough suction power through the line which the cleaner is connected.