Swim Aids

Swim aids help children learn to swim faster and help them gain confidence in water. We offer a variety of swim aids for all ages and styles so your litle ones can swim safely and in style.

Kids love to be able to swim independently and may need a little bit of extra help and support to make them feel comfortable in water and gain confidence. Swim aids also help to align your child’s body in the perfect position and helps practice floating and kicking movements. Swim aids consist of floaters, vests, water wings and arm bands, belts, tubes, and kickboards. All these swim aids offer floatation assistance in a different way but regardless of the style, each device assists your child in becoming a better swimmer.

Pool Center knows that pool safety is the most important thing so we carry only the highest quality and top brand swim aids. Our U.S.C.G. Approved Child Vests offer the maximum in safety, durability, and comfort and are available in assorted sizes and lively eye-catching colors. Our Sunny Patch Kickboards feature a fun, friendly face that will delight your kids as they learn to kick, paddle, and float in the pool on their own. Our Aqua Jogger Jr. Learn-To-Swim Belt is different than the traditional swim vests but offers the same amount of safety that you would expect from a high quality swim aid, and offers more freedom of movement. Visit our pool store to find the swim aids that will best suit your child and help them become champion swimmers in no time.