Pool Skimmer Weirs

Universal Skimmer Weir Installs in Seconds

The Rainbow Universal Skimmer Weir easily installs with just a pair of pliers. Simply remove the old weir from the skimmer, insert the new weir in the same position and pull the pins out of the new weir for a spring loaded, permanent installation.

The powerful spring releases the retaining rods that push against the skimmer walls. The special rods allow for uncompromised pivoting action, allowing the skimmer weir to float and allow just the surface of your pool to be pulled into the skimmer for the ultimate skimming action.

Reduces cleaning and floor dirt with just the pull of a pair of pliers. Our Weirs are guaranteed to fit any skimmer. These skimmer weirs can also be trimmed for bowed skimmers and custom installations.