Thermometers & Clocks

Pool Thermometers and clocks are very useful accessories and are available in a large variety. Pool thermometers help determine the water temperature before you step into your pool so you will never step into water that is too hot or too cold. Similarly, clocks help you keep track of time and will also add a decorative touch to your pool's surroundings. Pool Center carries a large variety of pool thermometers that vary from basic to wireless and digital testers; and clocks that can be used both indoors and outdoors and will enhance the beauty of your pool, garden or patio.

Swimming pool thermometers and clocks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and offer multiple uses. While basic pool thermometers allow you to check the temperature of your water, the more advancedVersions come in the combo form that not only check the temperature, but also dispense sanitizers automatically. Also there are wireless thermometers that measure air and water temperature at all times and come with a wireless receiver and time/date display for your convenience.

Pool clocks are also a great accessory to have on the poolside and help you keep track of time so you never miss dinner or an important appointment. Pool clocks are usually displayed on a wall and offer a decorative touch to your poolside or patio. Pool clocks are versatile enough to be used indoors or outdoors, and sometimes are available in a combo form with a thermometer.

Pool Center carries a large selection of pool thermometers, clocks, and thermometer/clock combos; come check out our accessories section and pick a pool clock and thermometer to enhance your swimming pool experience.