Save Time, Work, and Money with our selection of swimming pool timers and pool automation products. With pool timers and automation you can set the time of day for your filter to come on or your pool cleaner booster pump to activate while you sit back and relax. Take advantage of your power company's non-peak hour charges and have your pump activate while you sleep. More advanced options for pool automation include remote controls for water features, landscaping lights and pool lights from control pads or remotes.

At Pool Center, we believe in bringing convenience to pool maintenance so all out timers are compatible with Polaris, Hayward, Pentair, PacFab, and Jacuzzi Pumps.

Pool timers are ultimate in convenience and make pool maintenance easy and worry free. Pool timers eliminate the need to manually control your pool equipment and turn it off and on at preset times. Pool timers work by connecting to one or more pool pumps which activate at the desired time of day, and is connected to a grounded power source and wired to a pool pump.

Pool timers can vary from the basic ones that control just your pump to the more advanced versions that can connect to several devices and can actually control your pool equipment, cleaners, and lights, e.g. the Intermatic Digital Timers have three circuits for three separate devices or a two speed pump and another device such as a colored LED pool light or a pool cleaner. Some advanced timers also have wireless capability and can control your pool equipment remotely-of course these ones cost a little bit more than their counterparts. The pool timers also prevent from your pump from running dry and feature freeze protection to keep pump running on colder days to avoid plumbing damage.

Pool timers are very useful devices and are very easy to set up; usually you do not have to reprogram them after the initial set-up and they require little or no maintenance. Pool Timers help you save a lot of money since they operate on as and when needed basis and eliminate the need to run your pool equipment all the times. Pool Timers also increase efficiency of your pump and reduce pool maintenance by automating filter and chlorine cycles. Take the worry out of pool maintenance, and invest in a pool timer to save time, money, and effort!!