Vacuum & Hoses

Keep your pool clean and provide a healthy swimming experience with our large variety of pool vacuums, hoses, and vacuum replacement parts. Pool vacuums help remove dirt and debris that has settled to the bottom of your pool, and help maintain clean water.

Ensuring that your swimming pool is sparkling clean requires regular cleaning and removal of debris through vacuuming. Debris like leaves, insects, and dirt falls into your pool and makes the water look dirty and unpleasant. Pool vacuum cleaners are ideal for removing the debris that has fallen into your pool and has settled to the bottom. Pool Center carries a large variety of pool vacuum cleaners for in ground and above ground pools, as well as versatile vacuum cleaners that work in both types of pools as well as spas.

Pool vacuum cleaners allow for fast and easy cleaning and will easily pick up rocks, leaves and other debris leaving your water looking clear and sparkling clean. Pool Center also offers a wide selection of pool vacuum hoses and telescopic poles so you can extend your reach so hard to access areas are never an issue. We also carry replacement heads for vacuums and other accessories like pole hangers and hose huggers to make it easier for you to carry and store your hoses. Our pool vacuums and pool hoses are made from high quality components and are affordable so you can maintain a clean pool without breaking your wallet.