Pool Valve Repair Kits

Bearings, gaskets and o-rings needed to service and repair many kinds of pool valves

What's a REBUILD-KIT for Valves?

Blister pack containing pool pump parts, swimming pool valve parts, swimming pool filter parts, and swimming pool chlorinator parts. A convenient way to have ALL of the replaceable parts for one pump, filter, chlorinator, or valve, in one place. Contains such parts as: Seals, O-rings, Gaskets, Bushings, Clips, etc.

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    Rebuild Kit 10 Universal 5-Spoke Multiport Rebuild Kit Sp-710X / Sp-712 (After 1976)
    • 1-O-176A 5 Spoke Spider Gasket
    • 1-O-48 Cover O-Ring
    • 1-G-363 Non-Metallic Bearing
    • 1-O-276 Stem O-Ring

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    APCK1003 ZAPC0002
    REBUILD KIT 11 Universal 6-SPOKE Multiport Rebuild Kit. The 6 spoke spider gasket design was used on early Hayward valves, before 1977. O-176, 6-spoke gasket replaces Hayward SPX0710D, for SP710 valves. For Hayward 1.5", 5-spoke multiport valves after 1977, see pn O-176A, or Rebuild-Kit 10. Fits SP-710 & SP-711 (1969-1976) 1-O-176 6 Spoke Spider Gasket 1-O-139 Cover-O-Ring 1-O-27 Shaft O-Ring 1-O-27A Teflon Washer

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    From $10.99
    Rebuild Kit 19 American Products Multiport Valve Kit (After 1976)
    • 2-O-345 Teflon Backup O-Ring
    • 2-O-27 Shaft O-Ring
    • 1-O-389 N/S Quad O-Ring
    • 1-O-392A 5 Spoke Gasket - After 1976

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    REBUILD KIT 37 Anthony Pools Universal Slide Valve O-ring Kit
    • 3-O-26 Anthony Plastic Valve Piston O-Ring
    • 3-O-39 Anthony Valve Shaft O-Ring
    • 3-O-113 Anthony Piston Cap O-Ring
    • 3-O-125 Anthony Piston Cap O-Ring
    • 2-0-24 Plastic Valve Bulkhead O-Ring
    • 2-O-403 Anthony Plastic Saddle O-Ring

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    From $7.99
    Rebuild Kit 39 Hayward Sp-715 Multiport Valve Rebuild Kit
    • 1-G-390 Hayward Non Metallic Bearing
    • 1-O-277 Hayward Cover O-Ring
    • 1-O-418 Hayward Teflon Shaft Seal O-Ring
    • 1-O-322 Hayward Valve Seat Gasket

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    From $16.99
    APCK1035 ZAPC0008

    Rebuild Kit 4 Pac-Fab 2" Slide Valve Rebuild Kit

    (1) 1020CL86 - 6 GRAM SILICONE PACKET
    (1) APCO2241 - SPX1495Z1 O-RING
    (2) APCO2402 - ECX1321A O-RING
    (2) APCO2059 - 273059 2" PACFAB O-RING


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    REBUILD KIT 8 Anthony Pools 2" Brass Slide Valve O-ring Kit, for 2in Backwash Valve used on Anthony Apollo VA-52 pool filters. For 1.5in brass Anthony slide valves
    • 1-O-39 Anthony Shaft O-Ring
    • 3-O-125 Anthony Cover/Piston O-Ring

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    From $7.99
    Generic O-ring Replacements for Jandy NeverLube 2 / 3 Port Valve
    • 1-O-248 Jandy Valve Cover O-Ring
    • 2-O-158 Jandy Valve Stem O-Ring
    • 1-O-223 Jandy Valve Cover O-Ring

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    From $4.99
    REBUILD KIT #7 Anthony Pools 2" ABS Slide Valve O-ring Kit 
    • 3-O-26 Anthony Piston O-ring
    • 3-O-39 Anthony Shaft O-ring
    • 2-O-24 Anthony Bulkhead O-ring

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    From $5.99

    REBUILD KIT 9 Anthony Pools 1.5 inch Brass Slide Valve O-ring Kit for the Anthony Apollo DE filter backwash valve. Plunger and Cap o-rings, plus a 1oz pack of Magic Lube. Fits the 1.5" slide valve only, for the 2" Anthony push-pull valve, see Rebuild-Kit10.


    • 3-0-113 Anthony Piston O-Ring
    • 1-O-39 Anthony Shaft O-Ring

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    From $4.99
    REBUILD KIT 17 American Products Universal Slide Valve O-ring Kit
    • 1-G-220 Valve Cap Gasket
    • 1-O-325 Valve Cap Body O-Ring
    • 1-O-39 Stem AND Shaft Cap O-Ring
    • 1-O-125 Valve Cap O-Ring
    • 1-O-71 Valve Piston O-Ring
    • 1-O-117 Valve Stem O-Ring
    • 1-0-113 Valve O/S Piston O-Ring

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    From $13.68
    Rebuild Kit 23 Pac-Fab Universal Slide Valve Rebuild Kit
    • 5- Pac Fab E-Clips Retainer Clips
    • 1-G-206 Pac Fab Valve Cap Gasket
    • 1-O-155 Pac Fab Shaft O-Ring
    • 2-O-211 Pac Fab N/S Piston O-Ring
    • 2-O-206 Pac Fab Piston O-Ring
    • 2-O-71 Pac Fab Shaft O-Ring
    • 1-O-47 Pac Fab Diverter O-Ring
    • 1-O-41 Pac Fab Valve Cap O-Ring

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    REBUILD KIT 18 American Products Multiport Valve Kit (before 1976)
    • 2-O-345 Teflon Backup O-Ring
    • 2-O-27 Shaft O-Ring
    • 1-O-389 N/S Quad O-Ring
    • 1-O-382 6 Spoke Gasket - Before 1976

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    From $19.99