Water Balancers

Keeping your pool water balanced means that you have the right levels of pH (7.4-7.6), Alkalinity (80-120 ppm), Calcium Hardness (180-220 ppm) and Cyanuric Acid (30-50 ppm). Test and adjust your water balance with water balancing chemicals 1-2x per week to protect pool surfaces and provide your sanitizer the best environment for disinfection without side effects like cloudy water, algae and stains. Proper water balance is the foundation for clean and clear pool water. 

Once you've tested your pool water, it's time to use water balancing chemicals to adjust the numbers where they need to be. Before adding any chemicals to the pool, be sure to carefully read and follow all label instructions. To adjust pH in a pool, use an acid (pH Reducer) or a base (pH Increaser) to raise or lower the pH level. To increase total alkalinity in a pool, add Alkalinity Increaser, or you can also bring it down with pH Reducer. To raise your calcium hardness levels, add calcium chloride, labeled Calcium Hardness Increaser. Cyanuric acid levels can be maintained by adding stabilizer to increase levels or Bio-Active to reduce levels.