Pool Perfect with PhosFree 3 Inch Pool Chlorinating Tablets #20 Grade Silica Pool Filter Sand

Several factors can contribute to foaming in pools:

  • Soft water from low calcium hardness levels.
  • High TDS levels.
  • Lotions, oils and cosmetics.
  • Cheap pool chemicals made with animal fats.
  • Pool filters clogged with oils and minerals.
  • Poor water balance.
  • Low grade algaecides, specifically10% polymers.
  • Tile cleaning chemicals containing phosphates.
  • Use of aeration (air jets) in biguanide treated pools.
  • Air in the system, from pump air leaks or cavitation.
  • Practical jokers with a box of soap!

Correcting the above conditions can reduce or eliminate foaming. Chitin products like Sea-Klear can prevent or eliminate foaming from occurring. Enzyme products are also very effective anti-foam agents. The best solution for foamy pools is to balance the water and shock the pool to break apart the peptide bonds.

Anti-foaming agents are available, but these will not remove the conditions that cause foaming, they only temporarily inhibit the foam. Anti-foaming agents can contain insoluble oils, silicones, or certain alcohol formulations – in short, chemicals that are not desirable in your swimming pool.

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