Pool Perfect with PhosFree

There is probably no other alternative water treatment method which has so much heated debate and controversy as magnetic pool treatment. A magnetic device for swimming pools is very simply a magnet that is clamped onto a pipe on the above ground plumbing. There is no power hookup, nothing added directly to the water, just the magnet clamped onto one of the pipes.

Proponents of magnet technology claim that the magnetic field changes the polarity of the water molecule. This, they say, restructures hydrogen bonds, giving water a greater ability to attach to mineral ions in the water, those that would stain and scale pool surfaces. After passing through magnetic fields, the saturation levels of water is reduced, which prevents lime scale, experts say. Some manufacturers of magnet units make other claims that their product stabilizes pH, dissolves scum lines, inhibits algae growth and clarifies the water.

The largest benefit claim is that using pool magnets will soften the water, by removing some of the salts and minerals that contribute to total water hardness. All water has some level of hardness, and pools do need a certain level of calcium hardness - in the range of 200-400ppm. Water that has very high levels of hardness, however, can lead to scaling conditions, or cloudy water.

Others do not support the claims, citing the lack of empirical data to support such claims. Of course, a pool under magnetic treatment still needs sanitation and filtration. There seems to be more support for the claim towards scale control and removal than the other claims listed above. Whether they work or not is not decided here, but it's for sure that they can't hurt. Two brands of pool magnets are the Magnetizer Pool & Spa Conditioner and the Tormec Magnetic Water Conditioner.