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Quick Installation of Nature2

The Professional G model or the Fusion model comes complete with installation instructions shown on the box, in the box, and on the unit. If you have a hacksaw and some PVC glue, you're halfway there! Measure and cut the return pipe (after the filter and heater, but before any chemical dispenser), and glue the pipe ends in & out of the unit. Adapters allow for 1.5" and 2" pipe diameter size, you need about 10” of clear line, where the unit can be supported and where access to the unit is easy. Install at ground level if possible, or mounted on a cinder block or 6x6 wood lumber.

If you use a cartridge filter, you can use the Nature2 CF model; the cartridge drops inside of your cartridge filter. No purifier unit is needed, your pool filter is the housing for the CF cartridge, and does not reduce the filtering ability of your cartridge nor block flow in any way. It could be said that having the Nature2 CF cartridge inside of your filter can only lead to a more sanitary and clean filter environment, even when the pump is off. Hayward cartridge filters can use the Nature2 Swimpure cartridge, another drop-in style purifier.

Nature2 EXPRESS models are the easiest to install and require no plumbing or cutting of pipes to be installed. Just drill a hole with the pvc hole saw provided, and saddle clamp the unit to the pipe. All you need is a drill and a Phillips head screwdriver to install the Natuer2 Express unit (up to 25,000 gallons). Now that’s easy!

What’s not to like? No electrical hookup, bypass, special knowledge or permit needed! You'll find the same simplicity of installation in the start-up and care of your Nature2 Purifier models. Installation of any of the Nature2 systems is a cinch!

Simple Start Up of Nature2

  1. Balance Pool Water before installing your Nature2 cartridge. If opening the pool, allow balancing chemicals added to circulate for several hours.
  2. Shut off the pool pump. Unscrew the Nature2 vessel lid; insert the cartridge and reseal the lid.
  3. Shock the pool with granular chlorine. Use 1 lb. of granular or 1 gallon of liquid per 10,000 gallons of pool water to burn off contaminants and activate the cartridge. This step cannot be bypassed. Using non-chlorine shock is not recommended; rather use “Cal Hypo”, or Calcium Hypochlorite. It comes in 1lb bags. Use the entire bag if opened, never store opened bags of pool shock.
  4. Run the filter pump for 24 hours a day for 4 days, keeping chlorine level at 1-2ppm.
  5. Let pool chlorine level dissipate to 0.4 - 0.6 PPM once start up period is complete.

Easy Pool Care with Nature2

Use one of these simple recipes to start-up and initialize your new Nature2 cartridge - Either the Low Chlorine Recipe or the No Chlorine Recipe. Shocking the pool with chlorine is required either way, to initialize the cartridge.

Low-Chlorine Recipe

A Low-Chlorine pool is the way most people use the Nature2. When initializing a new Nature2 cartridge, balance the water and shock the pool, then you can either run the pool for 4 days straight (24/hrs per day), while keeping chlorine level at 1-2 ppm –or- run the pool 12 hours per day for 8 days, keeping chlorine level at 1-2 ppm. Afterwards, allow the chlorine level to drift down to 0.5 ppm, using 1-3 tablets per week to maintain the level closely.


What to do and when to do it:

  • Every day...Run pump and filter at least 8 hours per day. More if needed.
  • Once a week...Balance pH & Total Alkalinity.
  • Twice a week...Check chlorine residual; maintain 0.4 - 0.6 PPM.
  • As needed...If water is hazy or algae is present or for heavy pool use, shocking the pool is recommended. Use a Low-Range DPD chlorine test kit to easily check for such low chlorine levels. Some pools can go several months without shocking, if they are very well filtered, clean and balanced.

Chlorine-Free Recipe:

If you want to operate a completely chlorine free pool with a Nature2 purifier, it can be done – with good water balance, extra filtering and weekly shocking with non-chlorine shock. In addition, other supplemental pool chemicals may be needed to assist in reducing oxidation demand.


What to do and when to do it:

  • Every day...run pump and filter at least 12 hours every day. More if needed.
  • Once a week...balance pH and total alkalinity; add 1 lb of non-chlorine shock per 10,000 gallons.
  • As needed...If water is hazy or after rainstorms, add non-chlorine shock.
  • Use of ozone, enzymes, phosphate remover, clarifier and / or algaecide may be needed.
  • It is important that you have an oversized pool filter, preferably D.E., to compensate for the lack of chlorine. Increased pump operation time may also be needed. Look for cloudy, hazy water or algae growth as indications that something is lacking in one or more of the following areas: circulation, filtration, sanitation.

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