1.5in Union Hose Barb Fitting

CMP 1 1/2 in. Economy Union Ribbed Barb X MIP - 21058-000-000
Use this unique and useful fitting to connect aboveground pool filter systems to the pool. 1.5in threaded male fitting screws into pumps, filters and pools. On the opposite side is a hose barb fitting to clamp on your 1.5in filter hoses or hoses that run to and from the pool. Removing hoses in the fall is easy with the unionized fitting. Just loosen the large nut to disconnect the hose barb end from the threaded end. This preserves the threaded seal and prevents leaks next spring. This fitting can also be used to connect a filter backwash hose. 
1.5in Union Hose Barb Fitting
Manufacturer#: 21058-000-000
Item#: ZCMP0077
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