PVC Sweep Elbow 1.5in

This Street 90 Sweep Elbow is male slip on one end and female slip on the other. Use to connect pump to filter, this sweep elbow has less resistance than standard hard-turn 90 fittings. Slip non-threaded elbow mates up with 1.5in PVC pipe on female side and a 1.5in PVC coupling or other adapter on the male side. Many uses around the pool equipment pad - wherever a 90 fitting is called for, use a deep socket sweep elbow like this, to increase flow rates and reduce pressure. 

1.5 Inch PVC Spigot with 1.5 Inch Socket, 90 Degree Bend with 4 Inch Sweep

PVC Sweep Elbow 1.5in
Item#: ZCMP0076
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