Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets

Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets

The 1" Cal-Hypo tablets are indispensable in maintaining pool safety, reliability, sanitization, consistent chemical delivery and excellent water clarity. The 1" Cal-Hypo tablets eliminate the harsh effects of chlorine gas and liquid bleach and reduce chlorine odor in your pool water.

The 1" Cal-Hypo tablets take the guess work out by eroding at a controlled rate so the chlorine level in your pool is always steady. Cal-Hypo tablets help prevent the growth of algae, bacteria, and other contaminants in your pool water, are free from cyanuric acid, and maintain 68% available chlorine.

Cal-Hypo chlorine tablets cannot be used in a standard chlorine feeder used for Trichlor tablets. You MUST use a feeder designed specifically for Calcium Hypochlorite tablets.

Please note that Cal Hypo tablets are NOT compatible with Trichlor tablets and should never be mixed or allowed to come into contact with any other chlorine product.

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1 inch Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets - 55 lb. Bucket
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    Calcium Hypochlorite tablets are used on pools that have issues with side effects from other types of chlorine. Trichlor tablets for instance, add cyanuric acid and have a low pH value. Liquid chlorine has lots of salts and a high pH value. Cal Hypo tabs have a near neutral pH, and don't add sodium or cyanuric acid to the pool. Used frequently on small indoor pools, and large outdoor pools, calcium hypochlorite tablets are perfect for pools (and other water treatment needs) where liquid or Trichlor tab chlorination is unavailable or undesirable. 

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