2 Brass Sockets Mounted on 8in Steel Channel, Fits Hand Rails

2 Perma-Cast 4in Bronze Sockets Mounted 8in on Center for Hand Rails

Pool Hand Rail Anchor Sockets, 8” On-Center, Mounted on 10” Rail

Permacast PC-4008-BC includes two (2) 4” Deep Bronze Anchor Sockets spaced apart 8” On-Center, mounted on a 10” aluminum channel, with anchor wedges and bonding lugs. Standard 8” on-center anchor spacing matches up to all Figure-4 style handrails for pools and spas. Anchors have a slight range of motion but are not adjustable. Figure-4 rail ends often need to be slightly squeezed together when installing into the 8” on-center anchor sockets; four hands may be needed.

To install handrail anchors into a concrete deck, connect bonding wire to lugs on sockets and mount the anchors level on compacted soil or gravel, flush or even with the surrounding pool deck height. Tie a steel mesh or rebar cross around the anchor sockets and into holes drilled into the side of the adjacent concrete. Tape over tops of anchor sockets and then pour a standard concrete mix around the entire assembly, up to the edge of both sockets and flush with the surrounding deck. Trowel smooth, broom finish after surface dries slightly. Cure for 3-7 days, moist and shaded, before installing rail. Refer to handrail specs for proper setback from edge of pool.
2 Brass Sockets Mounted on 8in Steel Channel, Fits Hand Rails
Manufacturer#: PC-4008-BC
Item#: ZPCA1000
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