Aquabot Bushing (White, Plastic) - 2610

No. 52 Image Shown Above2610 Bushing (White, Plastic) - Use for Pin on Body Assembly -Aquabot/ Turbo, All AquaMaxAquabot are Robotic Pool Cleaner, Aqua Products Systems is one of the first manufacturers of automatic pool vacuums. Aquabot and AquaMax range from floor cleaners, to wall climbers, to remote controlled Pool cleaners. Always low prices and fast shipping. Discount Aquabot Cleaners include Aquabot Pool Rover Jr., Aquabot Pool Rover , Aquabot Thunder Jet, Aquabot Turbo T-Jet, Aquabot Mark V, Aquabot Mark V Plus, Aquabot Solo R/C, Aquabot Turbo R/C, Aquabot Plus R/C, Aquabot Turbo T, Aquabot Turbo T2, Aquabot Turbo T4, Aquabot Turbo T-SRC, AquaMax Junior HT, AquaMax Junior plus, AquaMax , AquaMax BiTurbo, AquaMax BiTurbo R/C, AquaMax Magnum Junior, UltraBot, UltraMax, UltraMax Junior, UltraMax Gemini, Swimming pool cleaner parts and Aquabot robot pool cleaner parts are always in stock and available.Back To Aquabot AquaMax Bi-Turbo cleaner partsBack To Aquabot Jr. HT Parts DiagramBack To Aquabot Jr. Plus Parts Diagram
Aquabot Bushing (White, Plastic) - 2610
Manufacturer#: 2610
Item#: ZAQP5047
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