Aquabot Classic Platinum Robotic Pool Cleaner

Aquabot Classic Platinum Cleaner, ABCLPLAT shown

Aquabot Classic Platinum is the cooler cousin of the Aquabot Classic. The inner workings are essentially the same, but Aquabot Platinum Classic has some advanced features like a fully programmable power supply, no-tangle power cord swivels on a 60' cord, and stiff and Durable PVC Brushes, to provide greater traction and scrubbing performance on all pool types, concrete, vinyl or fiberglass. 

In addition, the Aquabot Classic Platinum has a longer cord, stretching to 60 ft long to clean even large pools. Equipped with Aquabot Smart Navigation, Platinum cleaners learn your pool for the most efficient cleaning pattern. Choose to use the EZ Clean filter cartridge for sandy / silty debris, or swap it for the traditional Aquabot 2 micron Filter Bag for heavier debris, both are included! 

Most importantly perhaps, is that the Aquabot Classic Platinum looks way cooler than his square cousin Classic model. The Platinum takes a more streamlined approach to cleaning your pool, and equips itself with heavy rubber bumpers to prevent scratches when being flipped over on the concrete, to stay looking cooler, too.

    Aquabot Classic Platinum Cleaner
    Manuf#: ABCLPLAT
    $863.99 Qty.
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    • For all pool shapes and surface types
    • Scrubs and Vacuums while it filters 4200 gph
    • Cleans Pool Floor, Walls and Waterline
    • 2 Micron Filter Bag and EZ Clean Filter Basket included
    • 60 ft. Cable with No-tangle Swivels
    • Compatible with external Timers for overnight Start Delay
    • 3 Cleaning Cycles, Timer or Continuous Run
    • 2-year Warranty from Aqua Products

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