AquaChek One Minute Phosphate Test Kit

AquaChek One Minute Phosphate Test Kit

Phosphates are what feeds algae and helps it grow. Test for phosphate once a week as the concentration in the water can develop rapidly due to rain, debris or bather load. For use with phosphate removing products such as ZeroPhos, PHOSfree, or Lo-Chlor Starver.

Packaged in a convenient and sturdy plastic bottle, the AquaChek Phosphate kit includes testing powder pillows, sampling vial, color chart and directions. The test gives accurate results after only 60-seconds, and measures phosphate from 0 to 1000 parts per billion.

Only available in US.

20 tests per bottle.

AquaChek Phosphate Test Kit - 20 count
Item#: A8055



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    Pool Phosphate Treatment

    1. Test for phosphate levels.
    2. Backwash your pool filter thoroughly.
    3. Apply Phosphate remover at dosage rate specified
    4. Run filter for 48 hours.
    5. Backwash pool filter.
    6. Retest for phosphate levels. If necessary, repeat steps 3-5.



    1. Before testing for phosphates, water should be balanced, and chlorine level below 5 ppm
    2. Algae should be treated and pool clean before testing and treating phosphates
    3. Look for and correct the source of the phosphate contamination, or use weekly
      1. Fertilizer, mulch, soil, animals, heavy rain washing into pool, tree debris
    4. After treatment with phosphate remover, your filter pressure may rise suddenly. Backwash as needed.
    5. Small or ineffective pool filters may benefit from using a clarifier after treatment.


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