AquaPill SolarPill

AquaPill SolarPill
AquaPill SolarPill® creates a non-toxic, invisible shield over the pool surface the water’s surface that prevents evaporation from the heating and cooling of the sun. AquaPill’s one-of-a-kind release system slowly mixes the SolarPill® contents into the filter and through the return to even spread throughout the pool. The SolaPill® is safe to use with any combination of swimming pool  sanitizers. One SolarPill®per  30,000 gallons.
  • Safe for all swimmers
  • Easily placed into skimmer to automatically dispense
  • Prevents heat loss & chemical dissipation by limiting water evaporation
  • Warmer water and less money spent on chemicals extends your swimming season
  • 1 pill treats up to 30,000 gallons for 30 days
    AquaPill SolarPill
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